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Mediterranean Shipping Company (Bolivia)

Shipping Agency engaged in Worldwide Container Transport

MSC is a privately-owned company, founded in 1970, one of the leading global shipping lines of the world.



Exports to Russia, Ukraine and Crimea
Due to recent events in Russia and Crimea, international organisms have imposed a sanction that restricts the importation of goods that are originated in Europe, Australia, Canada, Norway and the United States.
New Address Container Yard CONSER Oruro
In order to provide convenience to our customer, we inform that from the first day of September the container yard Conser Oruro have the new address
Delay in transit time - West Coast of United States and Canada
Due to significant congestion at the Port of Balboa, the cargo shipped during the month of August to ports on the West Coast of the United States and Canada, could be variation in the time of regular transit. 
Receiving and incoming Shiping Instruction
From the date MSC Bolivia is responsible for the entry of Shipping Instructions transmitted via INTTRA. This process was previously in charge of MSC Arica, from now on, for any query, contact the Documentation Department. more
Port Arica- Delayed arrival of the vessel MSC FLORIDA V-UW426A
The MSC Florida V-UW429R ship suffered significant delay and in order to fulfill your itinerary in the following ports on the coast, he could not take the cargo scheduled for export. 

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